Below is all the plan information necessary for adding on a deck to a new Lennar home.

This will be the reference for the model options on the Drawing Request Form.

Size 1 Full Basement

Summit Size 1 AG Front

Size 1 Lookout

Summit Size 1 LO Front

Size 1 Walkout

Summit Size 1 WO Front

Size 1 OH

Summit R AG Size 1 NS OH

A more sizable lounge area, add a few chairs for an outdoor seating spot to have your morning coffee.

Size 2 Full Basement

Summit Size 2 AG Front

Size 2 Lookout

Summit Size 2 LO Front

Size 2 Walkout

Summit Size 2 WO Front

Size 2 OH

Summit R AG Size 2 NS OH

Bigger space for an entertaining area or outdoor kitchen.

Size 3 Full Basement

Summit Size 3 AG Front

Size 3 Lookout

Summit Size 3 LO Front

Size 3 Walkout

Summit Size 3 WO Front

Size 3 OH

Summit R AG Size 3 NS OH

Large area for outdoor dining and socializing.

Size 4 Full Basement

Summit Size 4 AG Front

Size 4 Lookout

Summit Size 4 LO Front

Size 4 Walkout

Summit Size 4 WO Front

Size 4 OH

Summit R AG Size 4 NS OH

Fits your outdoor dining room, grill, and favorite chair for scenic enjoyment.


Go to our Deck Ordering page to place an order for a deck to add to your customer's house.